Lost in the Tide

I'm a 22 year old English student, that plays in a few different musical things, likes cats, and likes drawing.

I’ve been working on a stick and poke city…

That goes around my leg just above my left kneecap. So far I have 3 buildings, a burning building, a UFO, and Godzilla outlined. 

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Forgot to post dis beaut.                  One of my favorite albums v important to me
Dustin and I got #ghostmice #freepizzaforlife #tattoos true homie shit rt punkaf

Well tomorrow starts…

The new semester, the one I won’t be partaking in. I guess I’ll just work up on building my savings up so I can see my friends, getting new music gear, finishing songs, getting a car, work on finding a place to move into so I can leave home, etc…

I may not be in school these next few months, but I don’t want to waste all my time. 

Gonna work on restoring my life to a state that is stable

how do I?…

gain self worth 

the plural of vinyl is vinyl

I’m trying to…

Restore normalcy to my life. I don’t think I’m going to school this sesmester. I haven’t felt like myself lately. I’m unhappy, i miss everyone but want to avoid everyone at the same time.

I am sorry

still alive i guess and i look like this i guess
Front Porch Step - Poison


you make me wish that I would die

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